Analysis of the Mistakes in the Maintenance of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

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When the vacuum pump is found to be out of order, some maintenance mistakes should be avoided. The following vacuum supermarket small code for you to analyze the maintenance of rotary vacuum pump errors.

  1. The tighter the moving ring seal is, the better:

In fact, it is harmful and useless for the moving ring to be too tight. The first is to increase the wear between the seal ring and the shaft sleeve, causing premature leakage; the second is to increase the resistance of the axial adjustment and movement of the dynamic ring, which can not be adjusted when the working condition changes frequently; the third is that the tension spring is too tired and easy to be damaged; the fourth is to make the dynamic ring seal ring deformed, affecting the sealing effect.

  1. The new one is better than the old one:

In contrast, the new mechanical seal is better than the old one, but the quality of the new mechanical seal or the selection of raw materials is not right, the cooperation scale error will affect the sealing effect; in the polymerization and permeability medium, if the static ring is not excessively worn, it is still better. Because the static ring is in the stop state for a long time in the static ring seat, the polymer and impurities are deposited as a whole, which has a good sealing effect.

  1. The overhaul is better than the failure:

In fact, sometimes the seal is not damaged, and the leakage can be eliminated only by adjusting the working condition or properly adjusting the seal. In this way, we can not only prevent waste but also verify our fault judgment ability. The experience of heap repair can improve the quality of maintenance.

  1. The tighter the static ring seal ring is, the better:

If the static ring seal is in the stop state, the tighter sealing effect will be better, but over tightening is also harmful. First, it causes excessive deformation of the static ring seal, which affects the sealing effect of the rotary vane vacuum pump; second, the static ring raw material is mostly graphite, which is generally brittle, and the excessive stress is very easy to cause fragmentation; third, it is difficult to disassemble the device, which is very easy to damage the static ring.

  1. The tighter the impeller lock nut, the better:

In the leakage of the mechanical seal of the rotary vane vacuum pump, the leakage between the shaft sleeve and the shaft (the leakage between the shafts) is quite common. In general, Cayman mechanical and electrical technology thinks that the leakage between shafts is that the impeller lock nut is not locked tightly, in fact, there are many factors that cause the leakage between shafts, such as the failure and deviation of the inter shaft gasket, impurities in the inter shaft, large shape and position errors in the cooperation between the shaft and the shaft sleeve, damage of the contact surface, clearance between the components on the shaft, and too long thread of the shaft head, etc., which will lead to the leakage between shafts. Excessive locking of the lock nut will only lead to premature failure of the inter shaft gasket. On the contrary, proper locking of the lock nut will keep a certain tightening elasticity of the inter shaft gasket. During the operation, the lock nut will actively lock the lock nut so that the inter shaft gasket is always in an outstanding sealing condition.

  1. The greater the spring compression, the better the sealing effect of the rotary vane vacuum pump:

In fact, too much compression of the spring can cause sharp wear of the friction pair and instant burning; excessive compression makes the tension spring lose the ability to adjust the end face of the moving ring, leading to seal failure.

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