Application of Magnetic Liquid in Dynamic Seal of Electric Ball Valve

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In recent years, new products for gas consumption management of gas companies have emerged, among which remote control payment systems and smart card prepayment systems are the most representative. Most of the valves they use are motor-controlled ball valves (hereinafter referred to as electric ball valves), which have almost zero pressure loss, only need to rotate the on-off valve 90 degrees, the ball is automatically positioned at the boundary position, low power consumption, wide output torque range and convenient Control and other characteristics are one of the preferred valves for mechatronics design. Gas valves have strict requirements in terms of safety, air tightness, stable and reliable performance, and dynamic sealing is one of the main factors affecting these performances. The dynamic seal of the electric ball valve is mainly located at the rotating shaft.

At present, most of the dynamic seal design adopts the contact seal, which has the disadvantages of abrasion of the sealing material, poor reliability, low mechanical transmission efficiency, narrow speed transmission range and poor sealing. The new dynamic seal is a magnetic liquid sealing technology in non-contact sealing, which can make up for the above shortcomings and meet the performance requirements of gas valves.


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