Application of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump in the Processing of Cooked Meat Quality Assurance

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After the cooked meat is processed, it needs to be vacuumed to extend the shelf life of the cooked meat. How to choose the vacuum pump correctly to achieve the desired effect? The appropriate rotary vane vacuum pump can be selected according to the different process requirements of customers.

The following two situations are often encountered in the quality assurance of cooked meat processing. Let’s first understand how the rotary vane vacuum pump is used in cooked meat processing.

One situation is that after the cooked meat is processed, the temperature is relatively high and it needs to be cooled to remove most of the water vapor contained in it. At this time, the user needs to provide the temperature after the cooked meat is processed, and it needs to be placed in a container that is vacuum dehydrated. Warranty, how long does it take, how much remaining water content needs to be reached, etc.

Another situation is that in the production of processed ham sausages or sausages, it is necessary to extract air to obtain a certain vacuum, so that the moisture can be absorbed more thoroughly into the cooked meat under the premise of ensuring that the cooked meat does not deteriorate. Taste.

Cooked meat processing process

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