Application of Vacuum Pump in Mud Mixer

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Vacuum mud smelting is an important link in the manufacturing of special ceramics. After the mud is vacuum treated, its plasticity is improved. After vacuum degassing, the mud has a larger density after being extruded, so the fired product has small deformation, high strength and good quality. The performance of the Leybold vacuum pump SV300B matched with vacuum mud smelting plays a key role in vacuum mud smelting.

Vacuum mud scouring is when the mud enters the vacuum chamber of the vacuum mud chucking machine, the air pressure in the air bubbles in the mud is greater than the air pressure in the vacuum chamber, the bubbles expand and the pressure decreases and the thickness of the mud film is reduced. At this time, the strength of the mud film decreases accordingly. When the pressure difference between the air bubble and the vacuum chamber is sufficient to rupture the mud film, the air is drawn away in the vacuum chamber, but if the mud stick is thick or the air bubble is deep, the pressure difference is not enough to rupture the mud , The air will remain in the mud. The main factors that affect vacuum mud smelting are the degree of vacuum, the moisture and uniformity of the added mud cake, temperature, feeding speed, and the structure of the muller.

The main features of the Leybold vacuum pump SV300B used in the mud mixer:

  1. The Leybold vacuum pump SV300B is equipped with an oil-gas separator, which can effectively eliminate the tiny oil mist in the exhaust.
  2. Direct drive mechanism, compact structure and light weight.
  3. Air cooling, no need for water, convenient operation, low use and maintenance cost.
  4. Multi-rotary blades and rubber pads at the bottom, stable operation and low vibration.
  5. It can work in a wide inlet pressure range of 105~102pa.
  6. The pump is designed with an automatic oil circulation system, so there is no need to refuel frequently.
  7. The pump is equipped with an automatic suction valve. When the pump stops working, the suction valve automatically isolates the pump from the pumped system to prevent pump oil from returning to the pumped system.
  8. The pumping efficiency is high, and the pumping rate is still high when the inlet pressure is close to the limit pressure.

The Leybold vacuum pump SV300B has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, energy saving and high efficiency, and oil-free. It has been innovatively applied in the ceramic and electric porcelain industries and has been recognized by more and more users.

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