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Application of Vacuum System in Car Roof Conveying System

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In order to transport the top cover assembly to the material station of the main soldering line safely, accurately and on time, the vacuum system is adopted. It can meet the free transportation of the workpiece in the horizontal and vertical directions, ensure that the trolley is uniformly stressed, and ensure that the trolley runs and rises smoothly.

The cab body in white is an important part of the car, and its manufacturing quality has a great influence on the overall function of the car. However, the welding quality of the body-in-white requires not only advanced technologies such as welding robots and laser online inspection, but also a reliable automated conveying device to directly send parts with high surface quality to the station, eliminating bumps/deformation caused by other transportation methods, etc. Defects provide a guarantee for improving the quality of the white body.

The advantages of the Leybold vacuum system for the roof cover conveying system:

  1. Smooth operation, low noise and no pollution;
  2. Accurate parking position, saving energy;
  3. Safe and reliable, convenient maintenance;
  4. Satisfy flexible production;
  5. Meet the production rhythm.

The vacuum system has been successfully applied in the roof cover conveying system, which can make full use of the workshop space, reduce the logistics links of parts, and improve production efficiency. Elimination of workpiece bumps caused by transportation methods such as station equipment on the ground, and provides a guarantee for improving the quality of the white body of the cab.

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