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Can Stainless Steel Bellows be replaced with Steel Pipes?

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Stainless steel bellows are costly and the price is undoubtedly high. In order to reduce costs and improve benefits, some people in the process of using stainless steel bellows even came up with pure steel pipes, because the price of steel pipes is much lower. Is this appropriate? If everyone uses steel pipes instead, is there still a market for stainless steel bellows? And can stainless steel bellows be replaced by steel pipes?

If the installation environment is relatively soft, it is feasible to use steel pipes instead of stainless steel bellows; but if the installation environment needs to pass through relatively hard media such as walls, rocks, etc., when the pipeline transports liquid to circulate, it will have an impact on the pipe wall. , Causing hard materials such as pipe walls and rocks to vibrate. If the vibration amplitude is too large, it will easily lead to cracks, fractures, etc. of the pipe wall. At this time, you must not replace the bellows with ordinary stainless steel.

Because the stainless steel corrugated design is spiral, it can effectively reduce the pipeline’s conveying pressure. Three metal columns are also arranged on the periphery, which can prevent the pipeline from directly contacting the installation environment and reduce the impact force of the pipeline, thereby effectively improving the service life of the stainless steel corrugated pipe. Therefore, it is self-explanatory whether steel pipes can be directly replaced by steel pipes. If pipeline transportation pressure and pipeline installation environment are high, stainless steel bellows must be used.

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