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Causes and Treatment Methods of Valve Body Leakage of Vacuum Baffle Valve

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1. The valve body has trachoma or cracks;

2. The valve body is cracked during repair welding deal with:

1. Polish the suspected cracks, and etch with 4% nitric acid solution, if cracks can be displayed;

2. Repair the cracks.

Damage of the valve stem and the matching female thread or broken head of the valve stem and bending of the valve stem:

1. Improper operation, excessive force of the switch, the limit device fails, and the over-torque protection is not activated. ;

2. The thread fit is too loose or too tight;

3. Too many operations and long service life deal with:

1. Improve the operation, do not use excessive force; check the limit device, check the torque protection device;

2. Select the appropriate materials and the assembly tolerances meet the requirements;


3. Replace the spare parts

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