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Development History and Characteristics of Metal Hose

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  1. History of metal hoses
    Corrugated metal hose (abbreviated bellows) is a high-quality flexible pipe in modern industrial pipelines. It is mainly composed of bellows, net sleeves and joints. Its inner tube is a thin-walled stainless steel corrugated tube with a spiral or circular wave shape, and the outer mesh cover of the corrugated tube is woven from stainless steel wire or steel belt according to certain parameters. The joints or flanges at both ends of the hose are matched with the joints or flanges of the customer pipeline. Bellows are commonly known as corrugated tubes or corrugated boxes in the Americas, and they are generally called metal capsules (Metalbulgen, Metal Bellows) in Europe.

Second, the characteristics of metal hoses
1. Because the material of the main parts of the hose is made of austenitic stainless steel, it guarantees the excellent temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the hose. The hose is selected according to the corrosiveness of the medium passing through the pipe to the applicable stainless steel grade to ensure the corrosion resistance of the hose.
2. The overall metal hose is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel material, which has strong corrosion resistance.
3. The hose body is made of thin-walled stainless steel pipe, which has strong flexibility, flexibility, bending and anti-vibration ability, and the reinforced protection of the braided mesh sleeve makes it have a higher pressure-bearing capacity.
4. The connection at both ends of the hose can be made into other connection methods besides thread and flange standards, which is convenient for connection and use.
5. This product is not only suitable for matching with rotary joints, but also widely used for the soft connection of a variety of fluid media transportation.
3. Application of metal hose
Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance (-196 ℃ ~ + 420 ℃), light weight, small size, good flexibility Widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, paper, wood, textile, construction, medicine, food, tobacco, transportation and other industries.
4. Matters needing attention in the installation of metal hoses
1. When choosing a metal hose, in order to facilitate installation, please use a metal hose with a loose sleeve flange at one end as much as possible.
2. The surface of the metal hose should be protected during the welding operation on the construction site to prevent the welding slag and the arc from burning the metal hose.
3. It is strictly forbidden to install twisted metal hoses.
4. There should be no bending along the root of the metal hose, and there should be no dead bends.
5. The medium passed must not be corrosive to the bellows material, and the content of chloride ion in the medium should be ≤25PPM
6. Strict installation icon and correct installation method. (See installation guide)
7. Mechanical damage to the flange sealing surface is strictly prohibited.


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