Explosion-Proof Metal Hoses Are Widely Used in Various Industries

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Explosion-proof metal hoses are widely used in all walks of life

1Hose for automobile exhaust system

The automotive industry is mainly the market where the exhaust pipe system is connected with the explosion-proof metal hose. With the arrival of the car family, its market potential is very large. The current product development trend is good! Mainly solve the problems of stable product performance, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

2Special explosion-proof metal hose industry

For example, the marine hose series mentioned by the owner, due to its high equipment requirements and huge investment scale (about 500 million yuan), currently there is no independent research and development capability in China, and most of them rely on imports, although the market is huge.

3 Military explosion-proof metal hose industry

The military explosion-proof metal hose market is divided into two categories: aerial hoses and ground hoses. Shenyong explosion-proof metal hoses have not been replaced due to product modelling restrictions, and seamless hoses are still the main ones. Military hoses used for ground equipment have been gradually replaced by civil explosion-proof metal hoses because of the low risk of use. The structure of the two hoses is not much adjusted.

4 Main business of civil explosion-proof metal hose

(1) In the iron and steel metallurgical industry, explosion-proof metal hoses are gradually transitioning from product performance competition to performance price competition. The product structure is basically finalized, and the application of explosion-proof metal hoses in the industry has been widely recognized.

(2) In the petrochemical industry, the situation is more complicated. On the one hand, the market demand for large-caliber high-pressure hoses and central drainage hoses for storage tanks continues to increase, and the development of new domestic products in this field is far from in place. On the other hand, in some occasions, hoses have replaced other products. For example, non-metallic pipes (light weight and suitable pressure) have appeared in the dock pipe market. Since the petrochemical industry is a big market for explosion-proof hoses in my country, the competition in this field is fierce, and the cost of new product development is also high.

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