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Glove Boxes

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Glove Boxes are storage units closed off and isolated through the ambiance and lab atmosphere to make a handled, containment method. This device is useful for many apps, such as chemical and biological study.

Plas-Labs simple and nitrogen glove boxes come as solitary station units, or perhaps in multi-station devices and therefore are the very best quality for chemistry isolation strategies. The individually managed chambers from the hypoxia isolation chamber and PCR glove package are suitable for biological and life research apps. The anti-static ionizer and fresh air analyzer accessories compliment the requirements for air-delicate supplies and investigation.

Science ware glove boxes from Artwork offer an isolated work place for handling examples or dealing with air-hypersensitive materials while maintaining an anaerobic or some other gas specific environment inside the glove package. Manufactured from clear polycarbonate, these glove boxes with air locks supply ideal visibility and durability.

Glove package sleeves offer safety for the staff utilizing the glove boxes. Changeable glove assemblies enable various customers to work alongside exactly the same glove box by transforming how big the glove being utilized. The unique construction of accordion or right-sleeve mixes the glove and sleeve into a leakproof unit important with all the container. Neoprene bonded sleeve and gloves avoid modest chemical substances and acids skin oils, greases, acids, ozone and fats numerous skin oils and solvents.


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