Bellows Manufacturers Expound the Bearing Load Technology of Products

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There will be a certain critical point for the bearing capacity of anything. When the critical point is exceeded, the failure may occur. Then the load capacity of the vacuum bellows also has a critical point. Today, Labideal vacuum bellows manufacturers described the product load-bearing technology.

Various expected load values, such as concentrated force F, pressure P and moment M, acting on vacuum bellows and other elastic elements. In the use of vacuum bellows type elastic elements, the direction and position of the applied load should be given in addition to the value of the applied load. For the pressure load, it should also be stated that the elastic element is subjected to the inner cavity pressure or the outer cavity pressure.

The maximum load value or full range value allowed for vacuum bellows and other elastic elements under normal working conditions. It is usually the expected design value, or the design value revised after the actual test of the product prototype.

The bearing capacity of a specific elastic element product when it is allowed to exceed the rated load without damage, failure or instability in the working moment or during the test. For elastic sensitive elements of instruments, the overload capacity is generally limited to 125% of the rated load. Bellows components used in the project are generally limited to 150% of the rated load. According to engineering requirements, when a large safety factor is required, no overload is allowed for the elastic elements used, so the load must be less than or equal to the rated load value.

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