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Battery Injection Glove Box Antechamber

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The liquid-filled glove box antechamber is an important part of the lithium polymer soft pack battery production process, which is packaged into the glove box for injection into the electrolyte and vacuum-sealed. When the electrolyte is injected and the vacuum is sealed once, there are strict technical requirements for the gas environment inside the glove box, the pressure inside the box, the temperature, and the dryness.

The existing cylindrical antechamber manual hand wheel loosens and tightens the door, and the operation is frequent, the mechanical rod is easy to wear, the operation is troublesome, and the efficiency is low;

The antechamber control program does not set the mutual induction function of opening the inner and outer sealing doors, and can open the inner and outer doors at the same time. There is a safety hazard: when the worker intentionally or unintentionally opens another sealing door without closing one of the sealed doors, the gas in the glove box will leak, the gas environment inside the box will not reach the standard, the pressure inside the box, the temperature, and the drying, all their degrees will not meet the corresponding process requirements, affecting product quality. It has caused the failure of the air circulation system, affected the normal operation of the equipment, and affected the production.

In view of the deficiencies of the technology, a intercell glove box antechamber with strong sealing, simple structure, high strength, low maintenance rate and high automation degree is provided. The inner sealing structure and the outer sealing structure are used to strengthen the sealing property of the chamber and the inner and outer door, and reduce the friction between the door and the door when opening the inner and outer door, thereby effectively ensuring the door and the door. The seal between the chamber door and the chamber reduces or completely avoids friction. The overall structure is simple and high in strength, which can effectively reduce the maintenance rate. The automatically controlled door lock can improve production efficiency and ensure sealing.

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