Causes and Treatment of Valve Body Leakage of Blank Plate Valve

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Causes of valve body leakage of vacuum flapper valve and its treatment

  1. The valve body has sand holes or cracks;
  2. Crack during repair welding of valve body


  1. Polish the suspected crack and etch it with 4% nitric acid solution, if there is crack, it can be shown;
  2. Repair the cracks.

Reasons for damage of valve rod and its matching screw thread, broken stem head and bent stem:

  1. Improper operation, excessive switch force, failure of limit device and failure of over torque protection. ;
  2. The thread fit is too loose or too tight;
  3. Too many operations and too long service life


  1. Improve the operation, do not use too much force; check the limit device, check the over torque protection device;
  2. Select appropriate materials, and the assembly tolerance meets the requirements;
  3. Replacement of spare parts
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