Installation and Maintenance of Liquid Butterfly Valve

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Butterfly valves are widely used in thermal pipelines, boiler auxiliary systems, petrochemicals and metallurgical industries due to their compact size, and simple and easy to maintain. The boiler auxiliary system, petroleum chemical and metallurgical industries are used to cut off various corrosive and non-corrosive media. Its product is divided into two eccentric and three deviate structures in the middle line. Metal hard sealing butterfly valve is an eccentric structure. It is an extension and development of universal soft sealing butterfly valve to high medium pressure. In addition to the original characteristics of butterfly valve, it also has anti-aging, anti-irradiation, durable, long life, high temperature and high pressure Wide range of applications, etc.

  1. Butterfly valve is not allowed to be connected to the liquid control box and the connecting head during transportation, and the weight and the valve body should be lifted, on-site installation, prevent the occurrence of impact incidents to ensure the electro-hydraulic system and The hydraulic line is intact.
  2. Before installation, it is once again checked whether the nominality of the nominality of the pipeline is in combination with the corresponding parameters of the butterfly valve, and the installation can be entered after the check.

3, good behavior sizes will guarantee the high quality operation of the butterfly valve. When installing, first detect whether the two-end lines of the butterfly valve are coaxial, otherwise it will affect the uniform state of the butterfly valve after installation, and the case will seriously constitute a threat to the sealing performance of the butterfly valve. Front line, butterfly valve and rear end pipeline triox, is the basic guarantee of correctly installation butterfly valve

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