Installation Precautions for Valve Electric Actuators

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When installing the electric actuator of the valve, the electric actuator manufacturer will provide certain technical support. The electric valve actuator produced by Tianjin Maijiefu will be debugged before delivery. If there is no electric actuator manufacturer’s guidance How do customers complete the installation independently, and what are the precautions during installation?

  1. The pipeline of the electric actuator must be cleaned and purged. If there are impurities in the medium, a filter valve should be installed on the pipeline before the valve;
  2. If installing a solenoid valve, pay attention to the connection to ensure a good seal;
  3. When installing, ensure the space required for maintenance and disassembly of various components;
  4. The axial clearance of the inlay connected with the electric valve shall not be less than 1~2mm;
  5. The bolts connected to the electric valve shall not be lower than 8.8;
  6. When used in a rising stem valve, check whether the stem extension is consistent with the length of the stem sheath;
  7. When disassembly is required, the manual handwheel should be rotated several times, and the electric valve should be opened slightly;
  8. Do not damage the sealing surface, seals and the explosion-proof surface of the explosion-proof electrical equipment during installation, disassembly, and debugging. Anti-rust oil should be applied to the explosion-proof surface. The electrical cover should be tightly closed to prevent rain or moisture. Enter
  9. The window must not collide with hard objects;
  10. Check the electric actuator model and whether the parameters meet the on-site installation needs and technical requirements;
  11. Check the cylinder and position indicator of the electric valve to ensure no damage;
  12. When welding connection is required, avoid high temperature transmission to the filler, etc.;
  13. If a solenoid valve is installed, pay attention to the connection to ensure a good seal;
  14. When the electric valve is not used frequently, it should be checked and maintained regularly and operated. It is recommended that it be operated at least once a month and the running time should not exceed 10 minutes.

Through the above description, we can fully prepare and check before installing the vacuum valve electric actuator, carefully study the electric actuator manual, and pay attention to safety during installation to avoid omissions, so as to reduce unnecessary problems during the installation process.

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