Introduction to Proportional Valves

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The so-called proportional valve is a valve that continuously and proportionally controls the pressure and flow of the hydraulic system according to the input electrical signal.

Most of the control vacuum valves commonly used in hydraulic systems have the nature of on-off control. Its function is to connect a hydraulic component to the hydraulic system or separate it from the hydraulic system, or perform simple oil circuit switching, etc., which cannot be continuously controlled. If you want to continuously control the parameters of the hydraulic system, you must use the servo valve, but the servo valve is expensive.

The proportional valve can continuously and proportionally control the parameters of the hydraulic system. Compared with the servo valve, it has simple structure, low cost and good versatility. In the composition of the proportional valve, the common pressure valve, flow valve and the control part of the reversing valve are replaced with a proportional solenoid, and the suction of the proportional solenoid is used to change the valve parameters for proportional control.

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