Leybold Vacuum Pump Used in Mold Temperature Controller

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In a modern factory, in response to market competition, the business strategy of saving manpower, improving quality, and reducing costs is urgent. The application of Leybold vacuum pumps in the mold temperature machine can reduce mold preheating time and improve the surface quality of the finished product. Fully automated production. Using Leybold vacuum pumps to increase mold life is a necessary means to increase productivity.

Mold temperature controller, also called mold temperature controller, was originally used in the temperature control industry of injection molds. Later, with the development and application of the machinery industry, the mold temperature machine is generally divided into a water temperature machine and an oil temperature machine, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.1℃.

Features of Leybold vacuum pumps:

  1. Small size, light weight, low noise;
  2. Equipped with a gas ballast valve, which can remove a small amount of water vapor; in the ambient temperature range of 5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius, the air inlet pressure is less than 1.3X10³ Pa, allowing long-term continuous operation, the relative humidity of the pumped gas is greater than 100 At 90/90, the gas ballast valve should be opened.
  3. Equipped with automatic anti-return oil check valve, easy to start;
  4. The continuous unobstructed operation of the air inlet shall not exceed one minute;
  5. It is not suitable for pumping out gases that are corrosive to metals, chemically react to pump oil, and contain particulate dust, as well as gases with excessive oxygen, explosive, and toxic gases.

Leybold vacuum pumps for mold temperature machines are widely used in various industries such as plastic molding, die-casting, rubber tires, rollers, chemical reactors, bonding, and internal mixing. In a broad sense, it is called temperature control equipment, which includes temperature control in two aspects: heating and freezing.

Leybold vacuum pumps used in mold temperature controllers are commonly used in the plastics industry. The main functions are:

  1. Improve the molding efficiency of products;
  2. Reduce the production of defective products;
  3. Improve the appearance of the product and suppress product defects;
  4. Speed ​​up production progress, reduce energy consumption and save energy.


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