Nitrogen Protection Glove Box Application

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In all areas of life such as chemistry, physics, biology, medicine , electronic, nuclear energy, etc., it is often necessary to operate in special environments, such as chemical reactions, anhydrous, anaerobic operation under inert gas protection; In medical experiments, operations in a clean environment such as aseptic, dust-free, etc.; manual operation under conditions of no oxygen, inert gas protection or nuclear screen opening. In these cases, people usually use operating boxes, also known as glove boxes, to create these special environments. These glove boxes include plastic glove bags and plexiglass glove boxes. Among them, the plastic glove bags have low cost and convenient ventilation, but it is inconvenient to operate because it has no fixed shape. The plexiglass glove box is usually a rectangular parallelepiped made of a plurality of pieces of plexiglass, and has low strength and poor airtightness, and cannot be subjected to a vacuum evacuation gas replacement operation. The structure and operability of existing glove boxes still cannot meet the needs of industrial production, and there is an urgent need for improvement.

Etelux offers a reasonably sized, highly operational nitrogen protection glove box. The beneficial effect is that the box body and the loading platform are both stainless steel structures, the strength of the whole product is increased, and the structure is more reasonable; the various Parameters inside the instrument panels on the front side panel of the box body enable the various items in the box to be implemented from outside the box. operability is greatly enhanced.

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