Why to install a water analyzer and dew point analyzer in the glove box?

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Labideal glove box explains why the water analyzer and dew point analyzer are installed in the glove box:

  1. If these two instruments are not installed, the glove box system cannot detect and display the H2O and O2 content in the working atmosphere; but not installing the glove box system will not affect the removal of H2O, O2 and organic solvents. .
  2. Dew point analyzer and O2 analyzer selected by Nichwell through PLC or independent display. Measuring range is 0-500ppm (0-1000ppm) with high accuracy.
  3. If you do not use the dew point analyzer or oxygen analyzer for a long time, please remove it from the glove box and store it in a package.
  4. If the chemicals in the box are strongly volatile and corrosive, please install a separate organic solvent adsorber in the glove box system to ensure that the dew point analyzer and oxygen analyzer are not corroded. Please check the glove box of Labideal.
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