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NW/KF Flange Clamp + Centering O-rings with Fluorine Rubber



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1.Brand New NW/KF Clamps with centering O-rings (FKM / Viton).
2.Easy to clamp and secure tight.
3.This clamp is used for connecting standard NW/KF vacuum components.
4.Made of High Quality Stainless steel  so it will not bend & ensure a tight fit.
5.Stainless steel Wing Nut Flange Quick Clamp for Degassing Chamber, Vacuum Oven, Vent Lines, etc.

Low price with high quality!
With our competitive pricing and finishing time, we are confident that we can underbid other online/offline scientific vacuum instruments vendors.

KF Flange are commonly used to build foreline vacuum plumbing and process systems.
They are often called quick flange fittings because they are quick to assemble.
A circumferential clamp and centering ring form the vacuum seal between the connecting flanges.
The centering ring contains a rubber elastomer o-ring.
The standard sizes for quick flange fittings are KF-10, KF-16, KF-25, KF-40, and KF-50 with flange sizes NW-10, NW-16, NW-25, NW-40, and NW-50, respectively.
NW/KF Clamps with Centering O-rings
Stainless Steel
Vacuum Part

Specification: NW/KF Flange Clamp + Centering O-rings with Fluorine Rubber

Flange Size

KF10, KF16, KF25, KF40, KF50

Clamp Material

304 Stainless Steel, Aluminum


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NW/KF Flange Clamp + Centering O-rings with Fluorine Rubber
NW/KF Flange Clamp + Centering O-rings with Fluorine Rubber


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