Related Specifications and Types of Bellows

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With the continuous development of stainless steel bellows hose production technology, stainless steel hoses have also been widely used in life. What is the classification of stainless steel hose?

According to different types of hoses: there are mainly three types, one is round corrugated pipe, one is spiral corrugated pipe, and the other is braided hose. The raw materials of these three pipes are mostly stainless steel 304, the main difference lies in their physical structure. Different structures lead to great differences in the functions of the three pipelines. There are three kinds of pipelines.

  1. Spiral bellows

The spiral corrugated pipe is a shell in which the corrugated pipe is arranged spirally. There is a helix angle between two adjacent corrugations. All the corrugations can be connected by spirals. Compared with the ring bellows, the length of the bellows hose can reach 300 meters, and the water resistance coefficient is twice that of the ring bellows. It has good elasticity, high strength and good vibration resistance. 304 stainless steel itself.

Mainly used in domestic water supply pipeline system, solar connection system, heating system, etc.

  1. Round corrugated hose

The annular bellows is a shell with a closed circle and a series of waves. The annular corrugated pipe is composed of seamless pipes or welded pipes. Due to the limitation of the processing method, compared with the spiral corrugated pipe, the single pipe is usually shorter in length and smaller in strength. The advantages of annular bellows are good elasticity and low rigidity.

Stainless steel corrugated flexible bellows are classified according to their uses: mainly including metal bellows, corrugated expansion joints, corrugated heat exchange tubes, bellows and so on.

  1. Stainless steel braided hose

Braided hose refers to the product after weaving a layer of stainless steel wire on the outside of stainless steel hose or rubber tube. It is mainly used for circuit protection and pipe joints of household faucets, toilets, shower rooms, etc.

According to the above functions, braided hoses can generally be divided into single-head tubes, braided tubes and shower tubes. According to the production process, the braided hose can be divided into three parts: low, medium and high.

The ring bellows is a shell of the ring bellows. The waves are connected in series by the annular corrugation, reducing the peak value of the waves.

The spiral corrugated pipe is a spirally arranged corrugated pipe shell. There is a helix angle between two adjacent corrugations. All the corrugations can be connected by a spiral line, and there is no change in the passage.

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