Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Distillation Recovery

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Precautions for the rotary vane vacuum pump for distillation and recovery are divided into factors such as the selection of the vacuum pump, the size of the reactor, the cold size of the recovery tank, the size of the condenser, the heating temperature and the actual working pressure of the vacuum pump.

The chemical plant needs to vacuumize the 7m reactor, and then recover the ammonia and water vapor mixture, the recovery tank is 7m, the heat exchanger area is 15 square meters, and the heating temperature is 60 degrees. What kind of rotary vane vacuum pump needs to be selected? How about 1-2 tons of materials evaporating within 4 hours?

First of all, we need to determine the saturated vapor pressure of the material. We know by looking at the data and theoretical application that if the heating temperature is about 60 degrees, the vacuum degree needs to be pumped to about 10000Pa (-0.09MPa) to distill the materials out, and therefore react. Condensable gas comes out, so it is most suitable to choose a rotary vane vacuum pump.

Features of distillation recovery system:

  1. Double-layer stainless steel barrel design, heat conduction oil indirect heating to prevent leakage, safe and reliable;
  2. Sealed electric control box design and external isolated electric box design to avoid contact between electric sparks and solvents;
  3. The switch is made of explosion-proof materials that are not corroded by solvents;
  4. The heating system and other wire joints are fully sealed design; more direct heating in the barrel, anti-dry heating heating system, faster heating and higher efficiency.
  5. The temperature indicator has no contact and will not produce electric sparks
  6. Ultra-high temperature automatically stops heating;
  7. Automatic shutdown after recovery;
  8. Ultra-high pressure protection, equipped with pressure relief valve;
  9. Double inlet and double outlet, double-layer circulating cooling system;
  10. Imported anti-corrosion Teflon stainless steel feed rod.

The considerations of rotary vane vacuum pumps for distillation recovery are the airtightness of pipelines and tanks, local atmospheric pressure and other factors. The above mentioned are some of the basic factors that mainly affect the distillation recovery process.


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