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Simple Explanation of Metal Hose Joints

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As an indispensable metal product in modern times, the metal hose connector occupies a very important position in our modern industrial pipelines in China. First of all, the most important thing is that this pipe fitting product has a very good flexibility. Compared with other metal products, their performance is generally higher in hardness, while the performance in terms of flexibility is relatively poor. Therefore, this high-quality performance makes it fully applicable to transportation systems in various environments.

In addition, there are two main categories of metal hose connectors. One is our more common threading hose connector, and the other is also a very common metal bellows connector. These two different types of hose connectors can make them meet the requirements of some basic facilities in my country to a large extent. For example, in the decoration of some kitchens in our daily life, there are a large number of applications for these hose joint products, which greatly increases the aesthetics of the kitchen.

There are many different specifications for metal hose connectors. Generally speaking, the more common ones are divided into two types. One is a 90-degree specification, and the other is a 45-degree specification. Although the angles of the two specifications of pipe products are different, there is no major change in performance, and they can still be applied to many fields.

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