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The 18th National Catalysis Conference

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The 18th National Catalysis Conference was held in Tianjin on October 16-20, 2017. The conference was hosted by the Catalysis Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society, co-organized by Tianjin University, Hebei University of Technology, CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute, Tianjin Chemical and Chemical Collaborative Innovation Center, Sinopec Catalyst Co., Ltd., and Hebei University of Science and Technology.

The theme of this session is “Catalytic Science and Technology in Sustainable Environment, Energy and Economic Development”. Covers basic and applied research in high-tech fields such as chemicals, energy, environment, materials, biology, and pharmaceuticals. The conference proceedings will include: special invitation report, special guest invitation report, branch invitation report, oral report, wall poster exhibition and special academic forum; during the meeting, the Chemistry Committee of the Chemical Society will issue the “China Catalytic Achievement Award” and “China Catalysis”. The Youth Award and the China Catalyst for New Talent Award will also organize related product demonstrations and technical exchanges with well-known manufacturers related to catalysis.

The organizing committee of the conference warmly welcomes experts, peers and graduate students engaged in catalytic science research and technology development to actively contribute and come to this event!

Essay range

  1. Catalytic material

Design, synthesis, characterization and application of catalytic new materials; new construction, new principles and new applications of industrial catalyst materials

  1. Catalyst characterization

In-situ dynamic characterization and basis of composition, structure and performance analysis, energy resolution, spatial resolution and time resolution of catalysts

  1. Catalytic new reaction

Catalytic new reactions, photocatalysis and external field-assisted catalysis, supercritical and ionic liquid-related catalysis

  1. Theoretical catalysis

Kinetics and mechanism of reaction, theoretical calculation of catalytic materials and catalytic reactions and processes

  1. Energy related catalysis

Efficient use of fossil energy, electrocatalysis and efficient use of CO2

  1. Biomass catalytic conversion

Catalytic basis for biomass conversion and efficient use of biomass platform compounds

  1. Environmentally related catalysis

Related catalytic principles of human settlements, air pollution control, water and soil pollution control, etc.

  1. Principle of catalytic synthesis of fine chemicals

Catalytic synthesis of drugs and fine chemicals, homogeneous catalysis, chiral catalysis and enzymatic catalysis

  1. Industrial Catalysis

Principles of catalytic reactions in current and future industrial processes, catalyst design, simulation and optimization of catalytic processes, improvement of catalytic processes and energy saving.


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