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What’s the heating antechamber?

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In the production process of lithium battery

In order to ensure dryness, a strict drying process is required.heating antechamber

So in the production of lithium batteries

Basically need to be equipped with baking equipment
Sometimes in order to meet the higher demand

Not only should be equipped with an independent five-layer oven

Even in large-scale production

Also need to be equipped with a complete vacuum baking tunnel
The external oven, not only the appearance is different from the conventional transition chamber

The internal environment sometimes can’t reach the vacuum level of the transition chamber.

For this reason we have redesigned

Combine the oven function with the large transition chamber

The whole structure becomes more integrated

Of course, this improvement is more than just an integrated appearance.

Combining the oven function with the transition chamber has many more advantages:

First of all, the sealing of the transition chamber is better than that of a normal oven.

can ensure that the experimental articles or products in the baking finished

The process of entering the glove box will not be subjected to secondary contamination.

Secondly, due to the shape and overall structure of the transition chamber

will make the baking process more uniform heat

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