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How to use the vacuum glove box correctly

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Vacuum glove box preparation before operation.
1, check whether there is nitrogen in the nitrogen bottle, nitrogen should be replaced in time, the output pressure of nitrogen is set to 0.5mpa; 2, check Check whether the vacuum pump is normally open; 3, Check whether the circulation
3、Check whether the circulation in the glove box is open; 4、Check that the upper limit of nitrogen is set to 0.5mpa.
4、Check that the upper limit pressure in the setting should be +1 and the lower limit pressure is 0; 5、Check whether the oxygen in the glove box is open
5、Check whether the oxygen and dew point are normal;

6、Excessive chamber vacuum pump should be in normally open state.

Vacuum glove box use regulations:

1、Please do not operate without training!

2, to the glove box into the special drugs or non-conventional items before please consult!

3、Users can not keep long nails, can not bring a watch, ring or other potentially damaging gloves jewelry for operation; operators in the glove box gloves inside and outside the gloves are to bring gloves again;

4, before use, please check the panel display of the working pressure range, to ensure that between the Shi4mbar; moisture and oxygen content should be maintained at <0.1ppm; cylinder must have enough gas to provide to complete the operation (i.e., the pressure gauge to ensure that there is a display);

5, found that the mechanical equipment is not normal, should be promptly reported, by the maintenance workers to repair before use;

6, do not open the mechanical equipment does not belong to their own operation and deactivation of the seized mechanical equipment;
7、Dangerous post places without permission do not go;

8、Find unauthorized operation behavior to stop;
9, found machinery and equipment to report the existence of potential accidents;

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