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The process of utilizing the glove box transition compartment

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  1. Transfer items into the box, the transition chamber must be three pumping three fill, otherwise it will destroy the atmosphere in the glove box (vacuum to -1bar for a time, make up gas to 0bar for a time);
  2. When the transfer of items for the cotton, paper-based items, please ensure that the dryness of the items, if necessary, please use the oven drying into the;
  3. Transfer of plastic bags, small items, make sure to deal with the proper, to avoid clogging the transition chamber
    4.When transferring items for bottles and cans, please open the mouth to avoid rupture of the pressure difference between inside and outside bottles and cans and the pressure difference between the cabin and the body of the cabin is too large;
  4. When transferring items for bottles and cans, and cannot open the containers, please do not pump up to -1bar during vacuum pumping, and it is recommended to pump up to -0.5bar or so, and the number of its corresponding cleaning times should be increased to 4-5 times;

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