The Application of Leybold Vacuum Pump in Fine Chemical Industry

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Rotary vane vacuum pump applications: gas transportation, gas compression, vacuum filtration/press filtration, vacuum distillation, vacuum drying, crystallization, absorption, reactors, etc.

The application of Leybold vacuum pumps in oil refining in fine chemicals

Crude oil tower vacuum system-atmospheric and vacuum distillation, solvent dewaxing, other vacuum distillation towers, flare gas energy recovery.

Crude oil tower vacuum system: usually a first-stage Leybold vacuum pump is equipped in front of a large liquid ring vacuum pump, and two parallel liquid ring compressors are arranged after the Leybold vacuum pump. The gas from the compressor enters the H2S degasser (ammonia reaction), and then enters the heating furnace for combustion as fuel.

Solvent dewaxing: The solvent dewaxing process includes cooling the wax oil and condensing it into wax, then filtering and cleaning with a solvent. Keeping the vacuum in the vacuum drum filter makes it possible for the wax oil to pass through the filter with a large flow under the action of external pressure. Nitrogen is usually used as a protective gas to enter the filter and be pumped out. The filtered oil and nitrogen enter the receiver and the oil is separated; the nitrogen enters the Leybold vacuum pump through the drum. Such continuous dewaxing cycle operation.

A hybrid vacuum system consisting of a Leybold vacuum pump and a steam jet pump is provided for the vacuum system of the crude oil distillation tower, but this does not mean that this technology can only be applied in this situation. In the past, many vacuum systems all used steam jet pumps. It is a good choice to replace them with hybrid vacuum systems. The result of the replacement is to save energy.


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