The Application of Leybold Vacuum Pump in Wood Drying

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Rotary vane vacuum pumps are used in the wood processing industry. Our Leybold vacuum pumps are used from the beginning of placing the wood on the workbench to the final protection of the finished product. For this reason, the work area is kept clean and free of debris that may affect the final product.

Leybold vacuum pumps are also used as a central vacuum system for wood processing to increase efficiency and minimize costs associated with wood retention and special workbenches that are no longer necessary.

The use of Leybold vacuum pump vacuum drying in the traditional wood drying chamber makes the drying time from the past few weeks to only 3 to 4 days now.

During the drying process, the pressure in the drying chamber is gradually reduced to a minimum. The drying chamber is filled with high-pressure steam, and oxygen must be pumped away to avoid cracks and color changes in the wood. These changes are usually caused by high oxygen content. Leybold vacuum pumps/centrifugal fans are used to circulate steam and transfer heat to the wood.

The role of Leybold vacuum pump in wood drying

  1. Improve the stability of wood and wood products.
  2. Improve the strength of wood and wooden parts. When the moisture content of the wood is lower than the fiber and saturation point, the strength of the wood will increase as the moisture content of the wood decreases.
  3. Prevent degrading and decay of wood.
  4. Reduce the weight of wood.

The application of Leybold vacuum pumps in wood processing: wood drying, wood preservation, log impregnation.


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