Type and Size of High-pressure Hose

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When selecting a high-pressure bellows hose, the appropriate high-pressure hose, joint and high-pressure hose assembly should be selected according to the specific application. The factors to be considered are: type of high-pressure hose, size of high-pressure hose, length of high-pressure hose Please refer to the product standard for system working pressure, system fluid and environment used.

Withholding of high-pressure hose assembly

There are many kinds of high-pressure hose connectors, and different connectors should be selected according to different types of high-pressure hoses. Note: There are two types of high-pressure hoses, which need to be peeled off and not to be peeled off, and the joints are also different. The groove of the connector sleeve that needs to be peeled off is not too sharp, otherwise it will damage the reinforcement of the high-pressure hose Floor.

Correctly crimping the joint is crucial to the safety and normal operation of the high-pressure hose assembly. There are many types of joints, and suitable joints should be selected. The design of the socket should be standard and reasonable. Sharp grooves and irregular sizes will break the steel wire reinforcement.

When withholding the joint, the amount of withholding should be determined according to the inner diameter and outer diameter of the high-pressure hose.

Handling and storage of high-pressure hoses and high-pressure hose assemblies

Always handle the high-pressure hose and the high-pressure hose assembly with care. It should not be dragged on sharp and rough surfaces, and it should not be subjected to bending and flattening.

During storage of high-pressure hoses or high-pressure hose assemblies, especially during long-term storage, storage conditions should provide protection and little damage to high-pressure hoses or high-pressure hose assemblies.

The storage period of high-pressure hose or high-pressure hose assembly should be as short as possible. If long-term storage cannot be avoided, the product should be inspected and tested before use.

During storage, the storage temperature should be between 0°C and 35°C, around 15°C, and the relative humidity should not exceed 65%. During storage, the temperature should not exceed 50°C and below -30°C, nor should there be abnormal fluctuations. Store in a dark place away from sunlight and strong artificial light sources. If there are windows or glass-filled openings in the storage compartment, they should be covered with red, orange or white coverings.

The storage site should be free of ozone, heat sources, and electromagnetic field generating equipment. The coiled high-pressure hose or high-pressure hose assembly should be stored flat, and the height of the stack should be limited to the extent that the product at the bottom does not deform. It is not recommended to hang high-pressure hose rolls on piles.

Failure of high-pressure hose assembly

Failure to properly select and install high-pressure hoses, connectors, and high-pressure hose assemblies will result in shortened service life of high-pressure hoses, loss of property, and serious or even bodily harm. Consideration should be taken during installation: the bending of the high-pressure hose should not be less than the bending radius, rough surface or sharp corners of the high-pressure hose, which will cause the high-pressure hose to wear and the length of the high-pressure hose. Potential movement.

When using the high-pressure hose assembly, the connector is unplugged or burst within 25mm from the connector, should not be regarded as a quality problem of the high-pressure hose, which is related to the quality of the connector and the quality of the tooling.

The cracking of the outer rubber has a certain relationship with the use time, temperature, and environment. When spraying paint outside, nitro paint will accelerate the cracking of the high-pressure hose, so the high-pressure hose should be covered with a film and other covering materials when spraying the whole machin

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