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Water Ring Vacuum Pump should Pay Attention when Using

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  1. Preparation (check before operation
    1.1 Check that the voltage is normal and does not exceed ± 5% of the rated voltage (380V); whether the electrical switches and equipment ground wires are normal.
    1.2 Check the chassis foundation bolts, pump base bolts, motor bolts, and pump components for reliable connection.
    1.3 Check whether the lubricating oil (grease) in each part is sufficient.
    1.4 Check whether the seal meets the requirements. The packing gland should be tight and not skewed.
    1.5 Jog the motor to test whether it is in the same direction as the pump.
    2. start running
    2.1 Open the intake vacuum valve on the intake pipe. If there is an exhaust valve, the exhaust valve must be fully opened.
    2.2 Open the water supply valve until the water automatically flows out from the balance drain pipe (valve on the pump cover cover), so that the pump has the normal starting water level, then the pump can be started. If the pump is not opened, the water supply valve should be closed temporarily.
    2.3 It is not allowed to start without or with little or full water.
    2.4 Start the motor, the pump is running, and gradually open the water supply valve. Adjust the water supply valve and the air inlet valve according to the vacuum meter reading, so that the vacuum degree and air intake of the pumped system can meet the production requirements.
    2.5 During the operation of the pump, pay attention to check and do:
    (1). Pay attention to adjusting the water supply valve and the circulating water valve to keep the circulating water volume moderate.
    (2). Avoid running under high load for a long time.
    (3). Check whether the readings of ammeter and voltmeter are normal.
    (4). The temperature rise of the bearing should not be higher than 35 ℃, and its temperature should not be higher than 65 ℃.
    (5). Each connection should be tight and free from leakage.
    (6). There should be no abnormal sound and vibration during operation.
    (7). Pay attention to the cavitation sound of the pump by using the cavitation adjusting valve.
    (8). To ensure normal vacuum, the inlet water temperature should be less than 30 ℃, 15 ℃ is the most suitable.
    (9). During the operation, it is advisable to moderately adjust the packing gland so that water drips out of the packing. It should not be too tight or too loose.
    3. Stop the pump
    3.1 Close the water supply valve and turn off the motor. Open the drain valve and drain the working fluid from the pump.
    3.2 In the winter, the circulating fluid should be drained, inspected, tested, maintained, cleaned, sanitized, put tools, filled in operation records, and cut off electricity.
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