What Parameters Should be Provided to Select the Appropriate Valve

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Individuals or units who order valves from our factory should try their best to provide detailed valve parameters before purchasing. Only accurate parameters can ensure that the purchased vacuum valves meet the operating conditions. The following are the main parameters of the valve that should be provided:

  1. The main parameters of the valve: grade, required structure type, nominal diameter, flow capacity coefficient, nominal pressure (working pressure and working temperature), control method, type of driving device, pneumatic or fluctuating working medium, action time , Required fluid resistance coefficient value and sealing degree.
  2. Use conditions of the valve: medium and its nature, working pressure and working temperature, working pressure plus p and working temperature t possible fluctuation values, chemical composition. The level of corrosivity and radioactivity, the main purpose of the valve and its installation position in the system, operating frequency (opening and closing time), and availability. Operation period, working life (25-40 years for one stock), required reliability index, possibility of maintenance and overhaul.
  3. Additional requirements I may deviate from normal operating conditions (thermal shock inside the valve caused by cold water entering the heated valve), and it is required to ensure that the valve is necessary under different conditions such as deviations of power supply and compressed air parameters. The opening and closing positions of the valve, the possibility of an earthquake acting on the valve system, etc., the valve must be able to be emptied, cleaned, cleaned and radioactively decontaminated.
  4. In addition to those listed above, for certain types of valves, in order to meet special operating conditions, some additional data may be required.
  5. The technical documentation developed by the valve design unit is delivered to the user together with the valve, and its content should include all the necessary information for the design, installation and operation of the unit and the correct installation and use of the valve. Connection size, material of main parts. Their heat treatment and protective coatings used, different forms of test methods, scope and results.
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