304 Stainless Steel KF Turn CF Straight Through Vacuum Adapter

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The vacuum adapter is used to provide a seal transition transfer of the pipe fitting. Its characteristics are the two ends of the adapter can be connected to various different sizes of pipeline pipes. One end of this form of adapter is mainly KF flange and the other end can be continued to contact the connectors such as VCR or SwageLok.

Vacuum adopts advanced CNC CNC machine tool precision machining, real-air connection size, appearance is beautiful, in order to ensure vacuum welding, material is required to meet the standard, especially the soft bellows welding, the material is strict, after welding, When vacuum detection, the ideal vacuum effect is achieved.

The common specification of the vacuum joint is: KF10, KF16, KF25, KF40, KF50 specification, using a vacuum clamp connection, then go up to ISO63, ISO100 is generally flange caliper link! Vacuum joints and vacuum cartridges, central brackets, vacuum blind plates, combinations, can also be used with vacuum valves, vacuum tee, vacuum elbow, vacuum four-way, vacuum bellows, vacuum adapter, vacuum cavity, Meet the needs of different customers and achieve the ideal effect.

Vacuum joints are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, defense scientific research, aerospace, biopharmaceutical, liquid crystal, and photovoltaic solar energy and other high-tech industries.

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