Application of Oxygen, Dew Point Analyzer in Lithium Battery Glove Box

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Application of glove box:

The glove box is a universal work platform that provides a very high purity inert gas environment. The concentration of inert gas in this work platform can achieve very high levels, and some materials that are very sensitive to water or oxygen, process or experiments can be capable of enable in the glove box. Implement.

Glove boxes have become more and more applicable to scientific experiments, new materials research and development, biomedicine, chemical, lithium batteries, solar cells, nuclear industry and nuclear materials, new lighting, special welding, vacuum coating and other industries and areas. As a general platform, the glovebox can provide work conditions for experimentation or production in high-purity inert gas protection, low moisture and low oxygen content or dust-free.

Application of oxygen analyzer products in the lithium battery glove box:

  1. Install the oxygen analyzer in the glove box: use to monitor the oxygen content in the box and display the current content on the touch screen;
  2. The oxygen analyzer can be interlocked with the circular fan and the purifier of the glove box, and it is constantly improving the oxygen, sustain test or production conditions when the oxygen content is high.
  3. When the oxygen analyzer is regenerated in the purification system of the glove box, the oxygen content in the box should be monitored in the 24-hour box. The oxygen content should be less than 1 ppm. If the content is high, it can suspect that the glove box is not strict or other problems. ;
  4. You can set the upper and lower limit alarm points to be tested by the on-site process requirements.
  5. Available to monitor the increase in oxygen content due to the switch transition chamber during the feed.

Application of dew point analyzer in a glove box

  1. Lithium electrical production, in the process of electrolytic solution, the electrolyte contains LiPF6, which produces hydrogen fluoride when it encounters moisture, such corrosive gas, causes the sensor of the micro-dew point analyzer to generate corrosion and accuracy, It will greatly reduce the service life of trace dew point analyzers;
  2. Changes in the value of the water content of lithium battery and glove box depending on whether the drying equipment is functioning properly, the glove box is related to the frequency of the feeding and the refueling process, because some dew point analyzer response sensitivity Not fast enough, bring a lot of trouble to quality management;
  3. The dew point analyzer is important in the installation location of the glove box, because the lithium battery produces causing gas will directly affect the life and accuracy of the dew point analyzer.
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