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Application of Vacuum Pump for Metal Surface Treatment

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In the metal surface treatment, rust removal and rust prevention can be applied to the piston vacuum pump for treatment, so as to achieve better results.

Metal surface treatment agent refers to the general term for chemical agents that perform various treatments on metal surfaces. Metal surface treatment includes substrate pretreatment such as degreasing, rust removal, phosphating, rust prevention, etc. It is prepared for metal coating technology and metal protection technology. The quality of the substrate pretreatment is very important for the preparation of the coating and the use of metal. Big impact.

The structure principle of piston vacuum pump

The piston vacuum pump is driven by the electric motor to make the cylinder piston move towards the ironing motion through the crank-connecting rod mechanism; when the piston moves from the left end to the right end in the cylinder, the volume of the left cavity of the cylinder continues to increase, resulting in the density of the gas in the cylinder Decrease continuously to form a pumping process; at this time, the gas in the container enters the left cavity of the pump body through the suction valve: when the piston reaches the right end, the cylinder is filled with gas; when the piston moves from the right end to the left end When the suction valve is closed, the gas in the left cylinder is gradually compressed; when the pressure in the left cylinder reaches or slightly greater than one atmosphere, the exhaust valve is opened and the gas is discharged into the atmosphere outside the machine, thus completing a job Circulate, and so on, until the pumped container reaches a certain stable equilibrium pressure.

Advantages of piston vacuum pump

Compared with other pump products, piston vacuum pumps are more special in that they can pump out gas containing water vapor; if a filter is installed, dust-containing gas can be pumped out. There are many application changes of this equipment. In addition, compared with the old W-type horizontal pump, it has the following advantages:

  1. The power consumption is reduced by 1/3 on average, and energy saving is remarkable.
  2. The floor area is reduced by an average of 2/3.
  3. Reduce vibration. The inferior transverse wave vibration is eliminated, and the average noise is reduced by more than 5dB.
  4. Long service life. The piston vacuum pump has a reasonable structure and uniform force, which reduces the wear of each moving part.
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