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Application of Vacuum Pump in Coating Field

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Principle and performance characteristics of vacuum pump:

Compared with the principle type of the piston vacuum pump to transfer the medium, the piston vacuum pump is also an equipment device that uses the reciprocating movement of the cylinder and the piston to generate suction. The difference is that one is to transport the medium and the other is to extract vacuum. Since the working medium of the piston vacuum pump is gas, when the piston runs to the outer dead center, the stress will exhaust the gas in the cylinder as much as possible, so as to avoid excessive residual gas, which will cause the piston to move inwardly. This part of the gas expands and reduces the amount of suction. .

Coatings are coated on the surface of objects to be protected or decorated, and can form a continuous film firmly attached to the object to be coated, usually based on resin, oil, or emulsion, with or without pigments, fillers, and corresponding Additive, a viscous liquid prepared with organic solvent or water. It has four main functions: protection, decoration, cover up product defects and other special functions, and enhance the value of the product.

Why are piston vacuum pumps widely used? Piston vacuum pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and no pollution to the environment. In order to use piston vacuum pump products at ease, and for safety, be sure to follow the instructions of the manual during the operation.

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