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Application of Vacuum Pump in Pasture

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The overall solution for the ranch provided includes milking, refrigeration storage, automatic feeding, manure treatment, ranch facilities, calf feeding, ranch management tools and advanced service concepts. Piston vacuum pumps are used in manure treatment.

With the increase in the global urban population, pastures not only need to face the increase in demand for milk and dairy products, but also need to face the consequent higher requirements for milk quality, animal health, and production standards. The challenges faced by the ranch and can provide an overall solution for the successful operation of the ranch.

With the implementation of environmental protection laws and regulations, the environmental protection work of dairy farms is urgent. In fact, manure ≠ trouble + headache, manure = “gold”. Just like flood control, it is not only to “block”, but more importantly, to “drain.” Jingpeng Huanyu believes that cattle farms produce a large amount of manure every day, and it is necessary to find a way to reduce the amount of manure. The best place to go. The combination of agriculture and animal husbandry and energy recycling are the direction of dairy farm manure treatment and the best choice for the healthy and sustainable development of dairy farms.

The well-built dairy farm manure comprehensive treatment project, including the front-end manure collection, to the subsequent solid-liquid separation, biogas system engineering, manure storage and maturation, organic fertilizer production, manure throwing and application, and then to cow bedding and back flushing The utilization of water and many other key links can meet the convenience of manure treatment of various modern large-scale dairy farms, the welfare of the cattle, and the environmental protection requirements of the cattle farm. It can also turn waste into treasure through the piston vacuum pump. It is a dairy farm. It has more comprehensive strength and competitiveness in expanding energy utilization, enhancing ecological effects, and improving production efficiency.

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