Application of Vacuum System in Beer Technology

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The application of the vacuum system in the beer process Text: In the vacuum system application, the extracted gas not only includes the various gases produced in the application process, but also includes the original atmospheric air in the system, etc. What are they in general? , Today Xiaobian will take care of it for you.

  1. Gas generated during the process of vacuum system

It includes the gas released by the material during the process and the gas introduced as required by the process, as well as the vaporized gas of the liquid or solid in the vacuum system. The calculation of the amount of this part of the gas is different for different processes and different materials to be processed.

  1. Atmospheric gas originally present in the vacuum system

In the vacuum system, the vacuum container chamber, vacuum pipeline, etc., originally contain a certain amount of atmospheric gas components. In the early stage of pumping, they are the main gas load of the vacuum system and are also the first to be pumped away by the system.

  1. Leaking gas in the vacuum system

Leakage gas includes gas leaked into the vacuum system by the atmosphere through vacuum-sealed connections and various leak passages. For a certain vacuum system, the amount of leaked gas is a constant. Different vacuum system applications and different ultimate pressures also have strict restrictions on the amount of leaked gas.

  1. The gas released by the surface desorption of various materials in the vacuum system

Under normal pressure, the surface of the material in the vacuum system will absorb and dissolve part of the gas. Under negative pressure, this part of the gas will be released again. Its outgas flow rate is related to material properties, processing technology and material surface condition.

  1. The atmosphere outside the vacuum system penetrates into the system through the wall material
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