Application of Vacuum Unit in Quartz Stone

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In the production of quartz stone (the vacuum degree is required to be between -0.093Mpa-0.098Mpa, and the gas contains a large amount of water vapor, chemical gas, etc.), comprehensive consideration of economy, efficiency, applicability, performance and other aspects to choose The vacuum unit is more suitable as its vacuum manufacturing equipment. At present, most of the vacuum units used in the vacuum forming process of quartz stone are mainly Roots water ring vacuum units.

Quartz stone is a brand new decorative surface material made from quartz crystal ore under the high temperature and high pressure state of a fully automated production line. It is a combination of natural beauty and high technology. This quartz crystal itself has natural characteristics such as crystal clear, clear, beautiful color, luxurious, high hardness, no deformation, no discoloration, strong toughness, no radioactivity, acid and alkali resistance, etc. Its performance characteristics are as follows:

  1. Not scratching
  2. No burns
  3. High cost performance
  4. Lasting beautiful, always new
  5. A sense of nature
  6. Anti-pollution
  7. Environmental protection and sanitation, no radiation

Advantages of quartz stone forming vacuum unit:

  1. The water supply mode of the quartz stone forming vacuum unit uses a water supply mode that prevents the dirt in the pump cavity from blocking the sealing rope;
  2. The quartz stone forming vacuum unit is equipped with a filter device, which can effectively filter to prevent sand and dust from directly entering the pump cavity;
  3. The quartz stone forming vacuum unit is equipped with an automatic cleaning device to make the vacuum unit more durable;
  4. The quartz stone forming vacuum unit is equipped with an atmospheric ejector, which is more efficient and energy-saving! It can meet the production requirements of artificial stone and quartz stone industry.
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