Application of Vacuum Unit in Pressing Machine

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The pressing machine is a device that presses the copper foil and the insulating material together to make a circuit board. High temperature, high pressure, and vacuum are required. The purpose of high temperature is to change the insulating layer from solid to molten state. The high pressure action presses the two materials together. The vacuum unit extracts the air between the two materials and the gas released when the materials are heated. Go, the higher the vacuum degree, the cleaner the pumping, the higher the quality of the processed products.

The pressing machine is generally composed of 7 parts: frame (with worktable), flower wheel running part, pressing wheel transmission part, steel mold rotating part, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, electrical control part.

Including the frame, the frame installed on the frame, the cylinder assembly installed in the frame and connected to the external hydraulic system, the upper and lower heat-resistant plates, the upper and lower heating plates, the vacuum components between the upper and lower heating plates, and the vacuum components that can be moved out The transmission mechanism is characterized in that the vacuum assembly includes an aluminum plate connected to the transmission mechanism and enclosing the vacuum assembly, a lower plate vacuum plate located above the lower heating plate and connected to the rear end of the aluminum plate, aluminum plate and vacuum The vacuum airbag between the plates and the pressing plate that surrounds the airbag and seals the airbag. The vacuum assembly and the external air path are connected through a vacuum generator, and the vacuum unit can slide on the guide rail installed on the frame.

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