Application of Vacuum Unit in Hydrocarbon Cleaning Machine

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The vacuum unit is specially used for hydrocarbon liquid ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Vacuum cleaning principle description: There are more residual gases in the detergent, and the air content is 8-10 times that of water. The high-frequency waves emitted by the ultrasonic vibrator will attenuate when encountering the gas (remaining oxygen), so vacuum degassing by a vacuum unit is required.

First, the cleaning basket enters the cleaning tank, the cleaning tank is closed, the vacuum degassing system is activated, and the air in the tank is exhausted. In the vacuum state, the gas in the narrow gap of the product to be cleaned can be contained in the detergent The gas is pumped out, the ultrasonic is activated, the swing assembly is activated, which drives the washing basket to rotate, so that the detergent can be fully cleaned; after the set time, the vacuum is released, the cylinder cover is opened, and the cleaning basket enters the next tank.

Features of vacuum unit:

It is especially suitable for vacuum extraction of moisture, steam, condensable gas, and particulate solids.

Most of the compression heat is absorbed by the sealing liquid, which is close to isothermal compression, so the outlet exhaust temperature is low, and the safety of extracting explosive gas is high.

There is no metal friction surface, so there is no need for lubricating oil inside, no oil and gas pollution, and low maintenance cost.

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