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Butterfly Valve Leak Failure and Elimination Method Explanation

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Butterfly valve is also a flap valve, which is a simple structural adjustment valve, and can also be used for switching control of low voltage conduit media. Butterfly Valve means a shut-off member (valve or butterfly plate) as a disc, rotating around the spool to achieve a valve opening and closing, and mainly cut off and throttling on the pipe. Butterfly valve The shutter is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, rotating around its own axis, thereby achieving opening and closing or adjustment. Butterfly valve is suitable for transporting a variety of corrosive, non-corrosive fluid media, in engineering systems, in engineering systems, for regulation and truncation The flow of the medium.

Butterfly valve failure: sealing surface leakage

1, butterfly valve of the butterfly valve, the sealing ring has a debris.

2, the butterfly plate of the butterfly valve, the sealing closure position is unfair.

3, exports, the flyzed flange bolt is both or not.

4, the direction of the test pressure is not required.

Butterfly valve failure: elimination method

1. Eliminate impurities and clean the valve inner cavity.

2.Adjust the limit screws of the actuator such as a worm gear or an electric actuator. The position of the valve is closed correctly.

3, check the flat and bolt pressure of the fitting flange, should be evenly compressed,

4, press the direction of the arrow to rotate

Failure: Leakage of the valve

1, the sealing gaskets on both sides are invalid,

2. The tension of the tube flange does not have or not.

Butterfly valve failure: elimination method:

1. Replace the gasket.

2, press the flange bolt (uniform force).

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