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The Anti-Flush Shut-Off Valve Industry Completes from Primary to Mature Transformation

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With the arrival of the Internet, the big data age. Traditional manufacturing intelligent hardware brings a huge entrepreneurial opportunity. At the same time, mobile Internet conference has been opened in China Mobile’s Internet conference. The idea of ​​capital will inevitably promote the development of intelligent industries, and help the entire valve industry to complete from primary to mature transformation.

Although smart hardware products have been repeated in the industry, the user’s use does not increase much, on the one hand, it is expensive, and it is difficult to maintain, one hand is not sure. To a certain extent, this has a great impact on the development of valve intelligence, and it is not easy to attract greater investment.

In the mobile Internet age, the valve intelligence should be based on large data as the core, “software + hardware” combined, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud computing. Intelligent core is “intelligence”, focusing on software. From the perspective of valve intelligence, hardware and software integration is a development trend, and hardware will become more and more like a container, and users buy intelligent products are purchasing applications and services. Whether it is platform strategy or vertical field layout, intelligent output is only a giant, and it is a giant competition and focus through the establishment of user viscosity in the back of the content output.

In the face of intelligent rise and good, countless valve entrepreneurs go to the Internet and intelligent entrepreneurs. However, due to the understanding of the product, supply chain and other understandings and risk assessment, the product cannot be produced. In the field of intelligent entrepreneurship, there are two valve entrepreneurs occupy the mainstream, one is to produce the traditional vacuum valve field before, and one is developed in pure Internet and software. Both have the advantages and disadvantages. For the core links such as production, ingredients, supply chains, inventories, channels, but short boards and Internet marketing, fans management and interaction, this is the strong behind, the Internet practitioners for SMS thinking and new Technology accepts faster. At the same time, in high-tech, cloud computing is more advantageous than traditional industries.

The greatest advantage of Internet entrepreneurs is closer to users, making it easier to understand and cater to users’ ideas and preferences. This creates more new efficient ways with the flatness and linkability of the Internet. But the supply chain and inventory is the two most deadly issues of the latter. The two will be short-lived, cooperate with each other, and further accelerate the same time will be the future trend.


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