Extend the Life of Electric Ball Valve

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Normal electric ball valves are divided into two types: explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof. They are used in various fields. Faced with a large number of applications, people are choosing how to improve the working efficiency of electric ball valves and save costs. I have compiled a few for everyone.

  1. Pre-use inspection method: The valve must be checked for debris or iron filings before use. This is beyond doubt.
  2. Medium flushing method: The flushing function of the medium can be used to flush and take away things that are easy to deposit and block, thereby improving the anti-blocking function of the valve.
  3. External flushing method: For some media that are easy to precipitate and contain solid particles but are adjusted by ordinary electric ball valves, there will often be problems of clogging of the orifice and guide. The bottom plug of the lower valve cover can be externally flushed with gas and steam. When the valve is blocked or stuck, open the external gas or steam valve to complete the flushing process without moving the electric ball valve.

To make the electric ball valve operate normally.

  1. Cleaning method: Welding slag, rust, slag, etc. in the pipeline are likely to cause blockage of the pipeline passage at the orifice and guiding part, which is the most common failure. In this case, it must be unloaded and cleaned to remove the slag. If the sealing surface is damaged, it should be ground; at the same time, the bottom plug should be opened to facilitate flushing of the slag falling into the lower valve cover from the balance hole, and the pipe Road for flushing.

Before putting it into operation, the electric ball valve should be fully opened, and the medium should flow for a period of time before being brought into normal operation.

The above four methods are the most basic methods to prolong the service life of electric ball valves, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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