Four Factors Need to be Considered When Using Valves

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  1. Electric regulatory valve uses main control parameters as: nominal diameter, design nominal pressure, medium allows temperature range, flow coefficient, etc.
  2. For strict occasions that require traffic and opening height into proportional relationship, a dedicated regulatory valve should be selected. Spheres and butterfly valves can be selected when they are coarsely adjusted.
  3. The sealing performance of the valve is one of the main indicators of the assessment valve quality. The sealing properties of the valve mainly include two aspects, namely, intravesome and leakage. The inner leakage refers to the degree of sealing that is reached between the valve seat and the closure. The leakage is the leakage of the valve rod filler site, the leakage of the inlet gasket site and the leakage caused by the valve body due to cast defects. Leaks are not allowed.
  4. The selection of the nominal diameter of the regulating valve should be determined according to the required valve circulation capability. The nominal diameter of the regulating valve should not be too large or too small. Excessive, increase engineering cost, and the valve is in a low percentage range, and the adjustment accuracy is reduced, so that the control performance is deteriorated. Over small, increase system resistance, even when the valve is 100% open, the system still cannot meet the set capacity requirements.
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