Teach You to Properly Repair and Maintain Valves and Butterfly Valves

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Valves are control components in fluid delivery systems, with cutout, adjustment, flow, preventing counterflow, regulator, shunt, or overflow pressure. Valves for fluid control systems, from the simplest shutoff valve to the various valves used in extremely complex automatic control systems, their varieties and specifications are quite a wide variety. Valves can be used to control air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive medium, and the like various types of fluids.

Most industries use newly-replaced forms, thrown off or sells them with waste. In particular, the industry with flange valves. And the high pressure, high temperature, big valve want to repair But I don’t know how to repair it. Most also stay in the manual repair phase. It can be said that in the Chinese valve repair industry, waste and availability benefits are huge. A plastic station must repair 10,000 turbine valves and bypass valves each year. The power plant has only one grinding machine from Germany in 1992, and the rest is hand-operated, not only low efficiency, but also the accuracy is not required. The bypass high-pressure pressure reducing valve has leaks, but the power plant cannot be repaired. It is not ideal for the maintenance effect of Zhejiang. In recent years, as each unit gradually starts independent economic accounting, reducing costs, from management to a front line of maintenance workers have gradually realized the importance of repair valves, as this can save money is extremely considerable. However, the repair valve here does not refer to simple and simple repairs, but also includes the correct repair method and excellent grinding repair equipment.

Due to the lack of concepts and equipment for valve repair and maintenance, only nuclear power plants in China can basically make maintenance of all valves during each shutdown overhaul. Broken re-cultivation is a non-maintenance maintenance, which is extremely unfavorable for the safe operation of the full set of equipment and the service life of the valve. Its potential emergency stop accident is extremely dangerous. The resulting loss is also huge. . For example, Tianjin has a petrochemical production device from Germany, since 1981, it has never been repaired in 1996. In 1996, several key filler valves were found, and German manufacturers no longer produce this. The special valve is re-order. Not only the price is high, but also a long supply period, the economic losses have huge. Therefore, the preventive maintenance and maintenance measures of industrial high temperature and high pressure valves are the most economical and reliable ways to solve the valve leakage and extend the life of life.

If the valve is long in the case of non-maintenance maintenance, it is often damaged, which not only increases the difficulty of repair, but also often has lost the possibility and value of maintenance. Therefore, for the organization and management of perfect valve repair work, not only the relevant personnel must have the corresponding awareness, but more importantly, prevention and maintenance measures, the regular check valve (for example, the valve relative to the outside world, The valve is closed in a closed state, the like). The key to preventive maintenance valves is to repair the valve immediately when the valve has leakage phenomenon, because the circulation medium can cause a sealing surface in a short time even in the case of a very small sealing surface. The large area is bad, resulting in expensive maintenance costs.

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