Note on Buying Vacuum Bellows

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  1. First of all, the customer must clarify the connection method at both ends, generally including KF vacuum flange, ISO vacuum flange, CF vacuum flange, GB vacuum flange and non-standard vacuum flange, etc. If non-standard flanges need to provide drawings.
  2. The customer needs to explain the medium in the vacuum bellows (whether it is corrosive). The material of the vacuum bellows is different. Generally speaking, stainless steel 316L is used for corrosiveness, and stainless steel 304 can be used for non-corrosiveness.
  3. The customer needs to explain the use environment and temperature, and the requirements for the leakage rate. As a manufacturer, we can choose the most suitable product to recommend to you, or if you have standard drawings, we can make and process according to the drawings.
  4. Vacuum Flecible Hose and Vacuum Bellows are regarded as a product, but not a product; a vacuum hose is a flexible pipe, and the main parameters are only the bending radius and wall thickness. Thicker, dominated by Ω wave type; while the general main parameters of vacuum bellows are life and expansion rate, and the wall thickness is relatively thin, mainly U-shaped wave, which acts as compensation in the pipeline to compensate for displacement and reduce noise, etc. effect.
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