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Laboratory Vacuum Blender Machine 0.75W

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This product is a high-efficiency equipment integrating vacuum mixing and dispersion. It is suitable for the positive and negative slurry mixing process in the battery experiment process, as well as the mixing of powdered materials and various ceramics; it is set by the programming controller Time, speed, and direction of rotation.


* Adopting industry-leading soft sealing technology, can maintain -0.098Mpa state for more than 24 hours;
* Adopting precision guide post support, the cylinder automatically pushes the barrel to open and close, humanized design, precise and efficient;
* 1L double-layer stainless steel container, the barrel body is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, after finishing lathe, it is polished by a precision automatic polishing machine to ensure high precision;
* The variable speed range is 0~1400 rpm, and the time, speed and rotation direction are set by the programmable controller according to the application program.
* The stirring motor adopts gearbox frequency conversion adjustment, and different speed and torque can be selected according to different processes and different viscosities;
* The double-dispersion blade design makes the material toss up and down and around, so that the slurry can be mixed quickly and evenly;
* Small size, can save space;
* Exquisite appearance, three-dimensional geometric design, simple and beautiful;


* Rated power: 0.75KW, 220V/110V;
* Stirring speed: 0-1400 rpm; speed regulation by frequency converter;
* Vacuum: -98KPa (without vacuum pump);
* Effective volume: equipped with a 1L tank;
* The opening and closing method of the barrel: the cylinder drives the upper cover to rise;
* Overall size: 705mm×605mm×305mm (height×length×width);
* With timing function, the time can be set arbitrarily 0-99 (H) set time
* To automatically stop running and keep the vacuum state
* The lid is equipped with: vacuum gauge, vacuum port, etc.
* Overall weight: about 90kg.


Laboratory Vacuum Blender Machine 0.75W
Laboratory Vacuum Blender Machine 0.75W


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