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Stainless Steel Hose Joint Preparation Before Welding

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Preparation of stainless steel hose joints before welding

  1. Before brazing, scrub the new metal hose with acetone, soak the old metal hose in light diesel oil and kerosene for more than 12 hours, and clean them in light diesel oil and kerosene. Metal hoses should be dried before use.
  2. Match the tool holders of the special stainless steel hose clamps and metal joint stubs to adjust the relative position of the metal hose and the joint stub and the length of the inserted hose.
  3. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of stainless steel, and the brazed part is thin-walled thin steel wire mesh, it is more appropriate to use H01-6 welding torch and neutral flame for Ф20×0.2mm hose.

Stainless steel hose joint operation process

  1. During operation, the flame should not be directly at the molten flux or solder, so as to avoid overheating, accelerate the volatilization of the effective components and the oxidation of the solder, and deteriorate the brazing quality of the joint. In order to ensure the penetration, the surrounding area of ​​the brazing seam can be heated by flame, so that the heat is transferred to the base material, and the brazing material is spread to the entire brazing seam.
  2. The depth of the brazing seam is the key to determine the strength of the brazed joint. When the brazing seam of the silver solder is brazed, the strength decreases a lot as the temperature increases. When material 312 is brazed, σb=380~400MPa when the temperature is 20℃, and σb=230~165MPa when the temperature is 202~300℃, so the brazing depth A>5mm is required.

In order to ensure that the brazing material melts into the steel wire mesh, both the inner and outer layers reach the index. The test shows that the 312 brazing material with a size of Ф3×900mm is selected, and the depth of the brazing seam can reach 20mm.

Quality inspection

The appearance of stainless steel hose joints must be smooth and have a smooth, full brazed surface. Passed 10min water pressure test and ray inspection at 1.5 times working pressure. Production practice shows that the use of this process can ensure the welding quality of metal hoses, and the pass rate of filming has been increased from 20% to 99%, ensuring the safe power supply of the power plant.

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