Summary of Maintenance Knowledge of Stainless Steel Bellows

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The bellows is a tubular elastic sensitive element that can be connected by folding the wrinkled sheet along the folding and expanding direction. The scope of use in modern industrial production and social life is expanding and frequent. The following summarizes some knowledge about bellows maintenance so that the majority of bellows users can better maintain the bellows.

  1. The bellows must be protected from wind and rain during storage, which will cause the bellows to age in advance. Therefore, the bellows stored in the open air must be covered with something;
  2. At the bellows joint, large bellows with a length of 0.3 meters should be outsourced, and the ends should be tightened in half, with no gaps between them. In order to ensure that there is no gap in the middle, the end of the two joints should be marked. After finishing, wrap it tightly with tape to prevent leakage;
  3. The position of the bellows should be accurate, especially near the joints. The distance between the positioning of the bellows and the reinforcement is 0.5 meters, which is indispensable;
  4. When the welded steel bar is close to the corrugated pipe, measures should be taken to protect the corrugated pipe from being burned. If it is accidentally burned, the burned place should be wrapped tightly with tape;
  5. Considering that the number of roof corrugated pipes is gradually decreasing, all parts that conflict with the corrugated pipes should be avoided. ;
  6. When pouring concrete, do not put the material against the bellows. The vibrating rod must not collide with the bellows, and it is strictly prohibited to vibrate one bellows with two vibrating rods. Especially when the web is vibrated, it is strictly forbidden to vibrate the vibrating rod at the same position for a long time, and the vibrating time shall not exceed 20 seconds;
  7. When removing the mold, pay attention to protect the corrugated pipe at the end;
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